On holiday in their own home


It’s a tale as old as time: for the Liskas, like many families before them, finding their dream home with the perfect property in the right location was like looking for a needle in a haystack. “When we got the opportunity to build a modern extension for our family in my husband’s grandmother’s garden, it didn’t take us long to make up our minds,” Kerstin Liska recalls.

The flat roof construction with the wood inserts on the windows is built directly onto the house, and is everything the family have always wanted.

Co-builder-owner Stefan Liska has always had an eye for architecture – and right from the start, this was the only design for him. “We were really happy with the house when we moved in. The big garden and the adjoining fields were great, too – but all that open space actually turned out to be a bit of a problem. There are no neighbouring buildings on any side of the house, so our patio was exposed to the wind from all directions.”

Again and again, this became a source of frustration for the family, as it rendered their patio effectively unusable. “Even when the weather was great, we would often find ourselves sitting in the living room and eating breakfast indoors. It could be 23 degrees and sunny, but that didn’t stop the wind blowing the toast off our plates!” the mother of two remembers. “We kept coming back to the idea of finding some kind of way to permanently shelter us from the wind and weather.”


Yet the perfect solution proved difficult to find. At first glance, nothing on the market met all the family’s needs: they wanted the shape of the patio canopy to match the aesthetic of the house and be made completely of glass, so that it didn’t block the light from getting into the living room. The solution also needed to be a space they could use all year round and – most importantly – had to shelter them from the wind and draughts.

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