“When we came across the SDL Acubis at Solarlux, we were impressed right away with the aesthetics, the functionality and – in my husband’s case – the engineering,” Kerstin Liska tells us. The cubic glass canopy has a roof pitch of just 2° – barely perceptible to the naked eye, but essential for flat roof drainage. “We were won over by every aspect: the shape, the use of durable aluminium, the large glass sliding elements with versatile opening options, and the high-quality accessories, like the matching awning.” The project finally kicked off in 2018. The family did a complete redesign of the garden to suit their needs, taking out a lot of the old plants in order to instil a new, modern aesthetic and make the glass house they had dreamed of for so long a reality.

System: SDL Acubis Opening system option: SL 20 Material: Aluminium Colour: RAL 7016 FEIN

“My husband keeps saying, ‘It’s so nice here, we don’t even need to go on holiday anymore!”

“We were finally able to make proper use of our patio,” says a delighted Kerstin Liska. “We love spending time out in the garden and the glass house now.

My husband keeps saying “It’s so nice here, we don’t even need to go on holiday anymore! He’s not wrong either. But the boys don’t quite agree – they love the sun, beach and seaside too much!” Kerstin Liska laughs.

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