Together with De Boer Serrebouw, a specialist dealer based in Oenkerk, the couple came up with a design that picked up on these ideas and incorporated them perfectly into the building’s existing architecture. “It felt right straight away,” Esther says of the partnership. “Our consultant at de Boer really put a lot of thought into how we could solve every little problem. And on top of that, the Solarlux wintergarden system gave us a whole range of options for tweaking the smaller details to suit our needs.”

System: SDL Akzent plus Opening system options: Ecoline Material: Aluminium Colour: RAL 9011


“Our bedroom and the kids’ rooms are all upstairs, so it was really important to ensure that we could get good air circulation up there.” There are now tilting windows to provide suitable ventilation on the side of the building with the roof construction. An awning trimmed to fit the roof system perfectly prevents the wintergarden from getting too hot.”


“Whatever time of year we’re enjoying our home, every season has its own special charm. Our wintergarden plays a huge role in that – we’ve always got a front-row seat to the outdoors,” Esther Ploegh grins.

“In spring and summer, when the garden is lush and green, all the glass blends the inside and outside together perfectly.” But the wintergarden has also become one of the family’s favourite places to nestle in for the winter.

“We love it when we let our eyes wander through the glass roof giving us a great view of our surroundings. We’ve always loved this style of living – so this home really has made our dreams come true.”